Nala has been adopted!


Sweet Nala is a perfect combination of affectionate and playful. When she’s in fun-and-games mode she is comically stealthy and happily romps and races with her darling siblings, always looking for an opportunity to create a bit of surprise! She’s a very calm tortie doll who is friendly with everyone including doing great with children in her foster home but will need some time to adjust to new situations. Cuddle time is as enjoyable as playtime for her, and cozy snuggles with her siblings and her humans is a highlight of the day! A plushy coat of rich black is sweetly kissed here and there with soft golds, browns, and pale orange, making her a classically beautiful tortoiseshell treasure. So loves to give nose bonks but is easily stressed with changes and other pets. She would do best in a home without other animals so she can be the center of attention This little girlie is precious in both personality and looks and will be a joy in a forever family that adores her. Could Nala be your new darling delight?

Littermates:  Caine, Frenchie, Poe, Theo Petco home