Domestic Medium Hair
Buff and White
7 months old

Cuddlebug Caine is a soft caramel and cream colored cutie with a super personality! This great little guy is loving and playful with his humans and a favorite of his happy siblings. Explorations of every nook and cranny are his speciality, even if they’ve been checked out many times before! He also loves a good natured ambush when his sibs least spect it! This sweetheart has a wonderful, easy-going nature and has gotten along well with young kids but hasn’t met any dogs. With his fuzzy fuzzy, snuggly body and adorable kissy face and pouty smile, he’s sure to be a beloved boy in a forever family that cherishes him. Could cuddly and fun-loving Caine be your sweet treasure?

Littermates:  Frenchie, Nala

Please note:

  • Caine is ok with small children