Tigger is available for adoption at our Blackstone Ave Petco Adoption Center

18 weeks old

Leo and Tigger are a delightful bonded pair of brothers who you will love. Leo (who is champagne colored with delightful light orange stripes underneath) and Tigger (Orange with dark orange stripes all over) love to snuggle together, play together, and nap on your lap together. Both my husband and I work from home and they have adored purring on our laps as we each work through our day, as well as snuggle on our laps as we watch a movie in the evening. They sleep curled up together and literally groom each other daily. They adore chasing their toys about, stretching in the sunlight from the back sliding glass door, and watching the birds flit about the backyard. These brothers should really stay together in a home as a bonded pair. They do well with children and adults, have had lots of socialization with many people. They have not been exposed to dogs yet, but I’m sure would adapt well with a gentle dog. They are a part of a litter of 4 brothers and would adapt well with other cats given time and socialization with them as well. Their scratching post is their favorite toy as is the small pinpoint light laser toy we play with them daily with. They carry around their tiny fabric mouse toys in their mouths while they chirrup and chat with each other. They are very clean,  box trained, love their wet food breakfast and dinner and enjoy their dry kitten kibble in between morning and night meals. They will do well in a home that spends lots of time loving them, holding them, and playing with them as they seek out attention and adore being held and loved.

Littermates:  Leo, Nugget, Tip
Buddy: Leo
Tigger and Leo
Tigger and Leo
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