Cat 23199 (Peach)


With those extra long, soft red striped legs, it’s no surprise that sweet Peach is a bouncy pouncy little sprite! But being cuddled and loved on is her most favorite thing, even more than wacky fun with her new kitten friends! Her spunky energy makes every race and romp and comical exploration fun for all, and she has been great with kids. But her top priority is to be scooped up for hugs and love and to nuzzle you if she finds you laying down! Her sunny orange marmalade coat is perfectly striped, especially those darling legs, and excellently accessorized with bright white toes and a sugar-dusted quizzical smile! She’s simply adorable in every way, full of loving affection and happy fun, and will be an endearing and treasured addition in a home that will cherish her. Fuzzy, snuggly, sunny-spirited Peach can’t wait to meet you!