Hallie has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Plush and playful high-energy Hallie only comes in for a landing after a full agenda of romps and games with her happy siblings. She’s super friendly and has an air of independence and a high-octane personality that will need stimulation. When she slows down she loves to be petted and talked to, but might not be a good fit for a home with old or especially quiet cats or dogs. Older kids and playful or tolerant pets would work well. This gorgeous little blueberry dynamo is irresistibly velvety and densely soft from nose to toes to tail with a fuzzy wuzzy face full of mischief, fun, and affection, in equal parts! Could this dynamic doll named Hallie be the new spark and sparkle in your loving forever family?

Littermates:  Blondie, Cody, Sylvester