Allie Petco has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

This super cute kitten is called Allie.  Allie is part of a litter of five.  While in foster care, they have been raised and lovingly cared for by their Mom Cat as well as their humans.  Allie and her siblings have tons of fun exploring, bouncing and pouncing and romping around their foster home.  Her favorite sibling is her brother Archie.  They can often be found curled up together.  Allie gets super excited about Kitty Treats and will adoringly plead with her humans to add Temptations treats to her food bowl.  Allie is good with kittens and adult cats.  She has not been around dogs or children. She is loving, affectionate, friendly and playful and will make a wonderful addition to any family.  Although Allie will do great on her own, if you are thinking of adopting two kittens, Allie and her favorite brother, Archie, would be a great pair.

Mother: Chris Mom Cat (Sally Brown)
Littermates:  Addy, Andy, Archie, Asher