Asher has been adopted!


Meet Asher!  This is one very funny and extremely friendly kitten.  He is part of a litter of five kittens who have been raised by their Mom Cat while in foster care.  Asher enjoys his humans and their attention and affection.  He is also very helpful and can be found near his humans in case they need his assistance.  He especially enjoys supervising while they scoop his litter box!  Of course, he loves his siblings and is always up for all kinds of kitten shenanigans - bouncing and pouncing on each other and on their toys and zipping and zooming as fast as they can go around the house.  Asher loves food and meal time almost as much as he loves playtime.  When it is time to rest and recharge, he can often be found sleeping on top of Mom Cat.  He is great with adult cats and kittens.  He has not been exposed to dogs or children.  Asher is an all around wonderful kitten who will bring much joy and entertainment to a forever family.