Andy has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
White and Black

Andy is a loveable goof-ball of a kitten.  He is fearless and has boundless energy for playing and exploring.  While in foster care, he has been raised by his Mom Cat and enjoys the company of his four siblings.  He is actually the ambassador of his little family.  He greets his foster humans when they enter the room and tries to get as much of their attention as he can.  His playful nature and limitless energy keep him playing with his siblings, his toys and his humans as much as possible until he needs a nap.  He will then rest and recharge while in a "cuddle puddle" with his siblings.  He is great with adult cats and kittens.  He has not had any exposure to dogs or children.  Andy is a happy, goofy, fun, fearless and affectionate little fella who will bring much joy and many smiles to a forever family.