Kitten 23257 (Peaches)


Meet sweet Peaches, a fuzzy wuzzy little beauty, with Disney-princess bravery, intelligence, and curiosity. Following you around to make inspections and lend a hand wherever she can is a highlight of any day! Scooping the litter box always especially commands her attention! And if you have a feather wand, her love of spirited playtimes gets even more enthusiastic and will have her growling and play attacking with comical fierceness! She loves her two sisters who are her constant playmates, and she also gets along well with bigger cats and with kids. She’s a softly striped little beauty, with warm ivory highlights on her eyebrows and around her sweet smile making her darling face a perfect treasure. What a stunning big girl this sweetheart is sure to be! Could precious Peaches be the happy, affectionate, little busybody princess in your loving forever family?