Kitten 23273 (Vivi)

Siamese Mix

Meet ViVi, a bit of a tiny diva who can still dance a little ways away when you reach for her, but as quickly decides that being scooped up would be very nice indeed! So now when she’s scooped up and cuddled she’s a cloud-soft, affectionate doll who melts into your arms and sweetly purrs purrs purrs! With four spunky sibling playmates, endless romps, races, adventures, and explorations fill many of her happy, busy hours! If she’s startled she still has a tendency to dive for cover until the coast is clear. She’s a unique beauty, with beautifully dark outlined velvety pink ears, a one-of-a-kind application of chic, smoky gray eye shadow, and a fuzzy wuzzy fanny that looks just like she sat on wet black paint! Such a spritely and affectionate sweetheart is sure to be a joyful delight in a sweet forever home of her own. Could lovely and vivacious ViVi be your beloved purrbug?