Calico / Tabby
9 months old

A purrfect little face, purrfect little white paws, a purrfect lap-loving disposition, and a great big purr, make cuddlebug Cleo - well - purrfect! She’s super sweet and can’t resist any attention, and being carried around is one of her most favorite things! Her darling brother and sister are her ever-ready playmates and lively sidekicks in lots of high-spirited romping, racing, and comical rowdying! She has also gotten along with the bigger cats in her foster home. This sweet girl is beautifully attired in a classic suit of polished silken stripes highlighted with a lamb’s wool white bib, sugar-dipped smile, and those adorable dancing white velvet feet! A delightfully lovable and cuddly disposition will make her a beloved addition in a forever family that adores her. Could this bouncy pouncy, beautiful lovebug named Cleo be the fun and affectionate treasure to make you smile?

Littermate:  Ona