Cleo has been adopted!

Calico / Tabby

A purrfect little face, purrfect little white paws, a purrfect lap-loving disposition, and a great big purr, make cuddlebug Cleo - well - purrfect! As a kitten she had an injury to her left front leg, that she may cause some discomfort causing her to favor it, but she gets around just fine. She’s super sweet and can’t resist any attention, and being carried around is one of her most favorite things! She can be a little stressed in new situations but with time she has also gotten along with the bigger cats in her foster home. As well as the fosters dog.  This sweet girl is beautifully attired in a classic suit of polished silken stripes highlighted with a lamb’s wool white bib, sugar-dipped smile, and those adorable dancing white velvet feet! A delightfully lovable and cuddly disposition will make her a beloved addition in a forever family that adores her. Could this bouncy pouncy, beautiful lovebug named Cleo be the fun and affectionate treasure to make you smile?

Littermates:  Atlas, Ona