Atlas has been adopted!


MEET ATLAS THE ENTERTAINER! He loves to pounce, he loves to bounce, he loves to trounce! He's just a happy-go-lucky fellow who has a chill but pleasant disposition and who also has a love for treats, eating, and sleeping. (Well, we can ALL relate to that, right?) In many ways, he's a typically wonderful orange tabby, which means that he's BIG on the love side of being a cat, and not so big on the SMART side of being a cat. (No, no, we're not saying that he's a lovable derp ... but he's a lovable derp, ya know?) His favorite toys are balls that he can lose under the furniture and meow, toy fuzzy mice he can lose under the furniture and meow, and a long feather on a stick that he would lose under the furniture if he didn't first chew off all the feathers. Did we mention that he's absolutely wonderful?

Littermates:  Cleo, Ona