Ona has been adopted!


Purrgirl Ona is a sweet and delightfully happy-spirited fan of people! Every person she meets is a potential friend and gets this cutie’s irresistibly out-going treatment! She and her bouncing pouncing brother and sister romp and race and chase across the floor and are the best of friends. When she met the bigger cats in her foster home, it took her a couple of days to figure them out, and then they were all friends. She’s tough to resist! She’s happy for some snuggle time, accompanied by her big, lovely purr, then she’ll busy herself with whatever captures her imagination. A beautiful classic tabby coat of velvety black stripes, with an impressive capital tabby “M” highlighting her picture-perfect face, makes her dressed gorgeously for every occasion and every meet-and-greet! And she’s impressively accessorized with a sugar-dusted smile and lovely black velvet “necklace”. Could this oh-so-adorable girl named Ona be your sweet, happy treasure?

Littermates:  Atlas, Cleo