Teddy (petco)


Do you have a big heart and an abundance of love, kindness and attention to shower upon a very special kitty?  Then look no further than our sweet little Teddy.  Teddy has had a rough start in this life and he has used up most of his nine lives.  He's a small kitten due to the lack of nutrition as a baby.  After being rescued, he has been nurtured back to good health while in loving foster care.  He is a tough little survivor with a strong will to live.  Teddy has become a very sweet, affectionate kitten who enjoys lots of loving human attention.  He expresses his contentment by nuzzling his humans, purring, and flopping over while being snuggled.  However, he can be a little squirmy if you try to pick him up when he is not in the mood to be held.  Teddy is very playful and enjoys all kinds of toys including crumpled paper balls, jingle balls and chasing the laser pointer dot.  He absolutely loves playing with the other kittens in his foster home.  In fact, he needs a home with a feline companion as he does not like being alone.  Teddy is good with cats, kittens and children.  His reaction to dogs is unknown.

Teddy is a wonderful little guy - a true survivor, sweet, playful, affectionate and loving.  He deserves a forever home where he will receive the most loving and affectionate care and where he will be given the opportunity to continue to thrive.  Teddy needs a home with another kitten or a friendly feline to be his best friend.