Cat 23324 (Aramis)

buff and white

Meet Aramis, the most perfect example of a buff ad white Manx! His coat of handsome, rippling buff color stripes and his classic face with its pink satin nose make him irresistible. But it’s his big, happy spirit of fun and impressively athletic skills that will make him an affectionate and entertaining addition in a great forever family. He really hopes his family has a nice, tall cat tree, because one of his favorite activities is zipping up and down like an Olympian in training! He also likes other cats and is good with children. When it’s time to relax, he loves to be held on his back which he’s done since he was tiny. Then the little Olympian turns into a noodle waiting for a nuzzle! Adorable Aramis is ready and waiting to gallop right into the hearts in a great forever family of his own!