Cash has been adopted!

Ragdoll Mix

Here's a super sweet and snuggly little love bug.  His name is Cash and he is a truly affectionate kitten who loves to be held and petted.  He is also quite playful and enjoys batting plastic balls around the room, zipping and zooming up and down the cat tree and romping around with his siblings.  He is a curious observer and will perch on top of things in order to get a better view of the world.  When it is time to rest, he will curl up in his cat bed for a nice nap or sit with his foster humans so he can get lots of love. He will sometimes follow his foster mom around until she picks him up and gives him hugs and kisses.  Cash is good with adult cats, kittens, young children and well-behaved dogs.  Cash is a very well-adjusted, sweet and affectionate kitten and he is now ready to join a family where he will be loved and adored.

Littermates:  Carlee, Chester, Colton, Cooper