Cooper has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Seal Pt.

Take a look at this good-looking boy!  His name is Cooper and he is the big adventurer of his litter.  He is always ready to run out of the kitten room at his foster home and zip around the house.  His foster mom says he is very fast and sly!  He is fearless and brave will run up to the family dog without a care in the world.  When he is not exploring, zooming around or sleeping, he likes to curl up on his foster mom's lap for snuggles and affectionate attention.  He is sure to show his contentment with a very robust purr.  Cooper is good with adult cats, other kittens, well-behaved dogs and young children.  Good looking, adventurous, affectionate and fun!  That's Cooper and he is ready to join a forever family.

Littermates:  Carlee, Cash, Chester, Colton