Dawson has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

Meet dandy Dawson who’s full of vim and vigor, will chase anything that rolls or bounces, keeps the playtimes lively with his busy siblings, and will slow down for a quick cuddle before he’s hopping back into his next snoopfest or kitten adventure! His fun-loving spirit brightens every day, and he also gets along with the bigger cats and a small dog in his foster home. A deep, tawny orange and bright white coat is the perfect sports attire for this lanky, agile little athlete‘s happy antics! It’s bunny-soft and smoothly easy-care, and sure to make him an impressively handsome big guy some day when some of his youthful prowess makes way for luxurious lounging! He’s ready to be that great buddy who’s always a welcome and upbeat companion. Could this bouncy boy named Dawson be the sweet sparkle to find his forever in your loving circle?

Littermates:  Dakota, Dallas, Darla, Dinah