Darla has been adopted!


Darling Darla is a doll in her gorgeous one-of-a-kind calico coat of deep, rich colors. Her beautiful white face, with its perfect cap of soft gold and luminous eyes, makes her a picture-perfect classic girl! She’s as smart as she is lovely, the first one among her siblings to notice anything new or interesting or out of place in her surroundings. Everything deserves her complete and fascinated attention! She enjoys every game and playtime and can also entertain herself very happily. She has also been raised with bigger cats and a small dog. Whatever they’re up to she will be sure to know about, but just a rattle of the treat box will have her showing up in record time no matter what she was doing! What a delight she is sure to be in a forever family that cherishes her. Could this smart little jewel named Darla be your new treasure?

Littermates:  Dakota, Dallas, Dawson, Dinah