Dakota has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

Is it any surprise dandy Dakota is nicknamed Twinkle Toes? When he dances and races around they pawsitively flash and are a purrfect complement to his handsome white whiskers, eyebrows, chin and bib, plus a tiny white tuft on the tip of his tail!  He’s dressed for the most elegant event in his classic and polished black and white, but this sweet boy’s favorite thing isn’t anything fancy, it’s a snuggle with you! He’s a champion cuddler and hugger who just happens to always look photo-ready! He’s been around other kittens, bigger cats, and a small dog and has a happy, playful nature to go with his very affectionate spirit. His darling siblings share in his romps and races and funny explorations, but when there’s a chance to be scooped up and snuggled, that’s his highest priority! Delightful in every way from head to twinkling toes, could cuddlebug Dakota dance his sweet way into your loving forever family?

Littermates:  Dallas, Darla, Dawson, Dinah