10 months old

This sweet kitten is called Baby.  He loves people and enjoys their affectionate attention.  He very much enjoys cuddle time and is always happy to see his people.  He has a very robust purr to let them know just how much he appreciates their loving attention.  Baby is playful and enjoys romping around with his siblings and especially enjoys the company of his brother, Sweetie.  Baby is great with other kittens and adult cats.  He has done well with the two small and well-behaved dogs in his foster home. Sweet, loving and affectionate - that's Baby and he is now ready to find a forever home.  If you are thinking about adopting two kittens, Baby and Sweetie would make a great pair.

Littermates:  Bingo, Charlotte, Mango, Snuggles, Sweety, Tiptoe

Please note:

  • Baby/Fresno is ok with dogs and small children