Sweety has been adopted!


Sweety is a very friendly kitten who enjoys a quick snuggle with his humans but may seem a little reserved at first.  Once he feels safe and secure in his home, he will come out of his shell.  He is a more independent kitten and a quiet observer who will sit nearby his human(s) observing them before joining them for snuggles.  He has a lovely purr to reward them for their patience.  Sweety does well with other cats and kittens.  He has done well with the two small and well-behaved dogs in the home.   He feels most comfortable when he has the companionship of one of his siblings, especially Baby.   Sweety will do best in a home where he will be given a little time to let his personality shine and, perhaps, where he will have another kitten or cat for companionship.  If you are considering the adoption of two kittens, Sweety and Baby would make a great pair.

Littermates:  Bingo, Charlotte, Mango, Snuggles, Tiptoe