Quentin has been adopted!


The quizzical face on the cutest orange tabbyman belongs to adorable Quentin! He’s always cooking up a funny little ruckus whether it’s a gentle tease of his brother or sister, a new jumping angle to try out on a toy, or a dashing and skidding race across the room before he comes galloping back to his foster mom. He’s super social, has an abundance of happy confidence, and always likes to keep tabs on what his foster mom is up to. He’s like that rambunctious four year old who’s always one move away from mischief but so loving and adorable that no one can resist! He’s bunny-soft cream on the underside and sweet sunny orange on the topside, with a perfect tabby forehead “M” and handsome stripes expertly applied! He is a true classic from ears to nose to toes to tail! He has been good with kittens, cats, and dogs, but hasn’t met children. Could this lively loving ray of fuzzy sunshine named Quentin bring his joyful sparkle to your forever family?

Littermate:  Quince