Alexi has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

If you see a handsome blue boy bounce across the room, growling and carrying a toy spring in his mouth, that will be Alexi! The next place you’ll see that spring will probably be in the dog’s water dish! He’s a great little guy who takes his playtimes with a spring seriously, but it’s always in good fun and the growls are part of the furry comedy act! His siblings are in on the joke, and even the bigger cats and a small dog enjoy his antics. He’s a big cuddler too who snuggles his soft, plush self right into welcoming arms. Sweet snuggling with you at bedtime is his favorite way to affectionately wrap up any day and dream his spring-filled dreams. A densely luxurious coat of bunny-soft “blue” and a stunning face make this great guy as picture-perfect as he is fun and affectionate. Could this all around joyful boy named Alexi be the excellent gem for you?

Littermates:  Armani, Audrey