Quigley has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Orange and White

With an adorable elfin face, bright, impish eyes and little smile, and classic sunny orange and white coat, Quigley is an orangesicle cutie! He’s a character too, as sweet and lovable as he is handsome, who gets along with everyone including his foster mom's dog. He also hasn’t met any children yet. He’s right in the middle of every playtime with the other cats and kittens and makes the most of every toy, including empty boxes and crunchy packing paper! But his easy-going attitude makes him able to happily chill on his own too. His soft forehead and fuzzy cheeks are perfect for head boops and cheek rubs when he sits in your lap to be petted and loved on. He’s a spritely sweetheart, loving and affectionate and ready to win hearts in a forever home where he will be a beloved boy. Could Quigley be your purrfect new delight?

Buddy: Quince