Issac has been adopted!


Isaac and his 3 litter mates were born to a stray mama cat and they were all living and trying to survive on the streets.  Although they have been thriving in foster care, Isaac is shy in new situations. He will need a little time to feel safe and secure in his new home. Once Isaac feels comfortable and trusts his human(s), he comes out of his shell and enjoys loads of affectionate human attention. He loves treats. He loves pets and will purr while rolling over and making air biscuits. He will bonk your hand and even drool in excitement. Isaac is fine with other cats and kittens.  He has not been exposed to dogs or children.  Isaac is ready to find a home where he will be treated with patience, kindness, loving affection, and be given a chance to thrive.

Littermates:  Flower, Hettie, Thor Fin