Domestic Medium Hair
Black and White

It was weeks after his brothers were rescued that precious Kit Kat joined them in their foster home. He was understandably fearful but found comfort and nurturing from them and their foster mom, who focused lots of attention on reassuring him that he was now safe and loved. He still needs extra assurance but has become playful and affectionate and knows he is worthy of love. He is becoming an adventurous little guy. This sweet silky boy is ready to find his forever home with people who will build on his growing trust, appreciate his big curiosity, be charmed by his cute little dotted nose, and show him all the love and affection he missed as a baby. He has had some exposure to well-behaved small dogs but no children. His extra long, super silky coat and darling face with its perfect black “ drapes” make him a picture-perfect little guy who is sure to be a very handsome big guy some day! If you can’t resist a sweet boy who had a rough start but has made great strides and just needs tender people to let him love them, Kit Kay hopes you choose him!

Littermates:  Ralphie, Vinnie