Tortie Petco passed away 1/6/2023. RIP.


This pretty-as-a-picture treasure is darling Tortie, who even has a little gold star on her lovely head! Maybe that star is for her great cuddliness, always accompanied by her sweet, bold purr. Or maybe it’s for her amazing talent for creating a plaything out of anything that she and her brother and sister can play with for hours or for all their comical explorations that charge their curiosity. Or maybe it’s for that happy love of fun balanced with her very affectionate and companionable. In her silky patchwork suit of rich black and pale gold and darling bright white bib and tootsies, she’s as polished and gorgeous as she is adorable! She’s full of snuggles and purrs and creative play ideas and is sure to be a cherished addition in a loving forever home. Sweet Tortie hopes you choose her!

Littermates:  Callie, Tiger