Tiger has been adopted!


This super handsome and luxuriously striped housetiger is awesome Tiger! He’s as cuddly as he is playful and as gorgeous as he is easy-going! Who can resist a little guy who snuggles right up, boldly purring, and explores everything earnestly, even your hair if he’s on your shoulder?! Every toy is his instant favorite, and he and his darling sisters combine their creativity to make playthings out of anything and make any space they’re in light up with smiles! He’s always dressed for success in the most luxurious rippling and dramatic stripes, a polished white bib and velvet feet, with a picture-perfect face worthy of a calendar page! This handsome little hunk is ready to be someone’s joyful bundle of sweet affection and delightful fun! Purrasaurus Tiger hopes he the one for you!

Littermates:  Callie, Tortie Petco