Buttercup has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx Pt

Blue-ribbon Buttercup is sweet, lovable, beautiful, and a bit shy until she knows you. Lively playtimes with her siblings and cozy cuddletimes with her humans are this sapphire-eyed darling’s favorite things. Sometimes you will find her prettily perched on a windowsill enjoying the view. Her foster mom calls her “the statue” when she sits so very still and quiet. Purrfect for window viewing! While she likes to snuggle she’d prefer not for too long, but being petted doesn’t have any time limit. She loves her people, her playtimes, her quiet times, and her wet food, in that order. Her foster home’s dog is a 90 pounder who is just a little too scary for this gentle girl’s comfort, but her siblings are just the right size for plenty of fun. This beautiful sweetheart is pale and soft as a summer cloud, with perfect taupe highlights, darling striped legs, and simply gorgeous sky blue eyes. She’s a precious little treasure who will always be quietly waiting to welcome you when you come home. Darling Buttercup would adore being your blue-ribbon beloved.