Bandit has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Bandit is an extremely energetic kitten who is always on the go.  He bounces and pounces around the house while on all kinds of kitten adventures.  His favorite game is zipping and zooming up and down the staircase in his foster home.  He also enjoys climbing the cat tree and perching on the top so that he can view the world around him.  He loves all kinds of cat toys.  Bandit is an affectionate kitty who enjoys lots of human interaction.  He likes to curl on a pillow and  sleep next to his foster mom when she is sleeping.  He does well with cats and kittens.  He does not do well around small children.  He has been exposed to a large, old and very mellow dog.  He would do best if any dogs in his new family are well-behaved and low energy.  Bandit is a wonderful kitten who is now ready to find a forever home.