Hobo has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair
Black and White

When Hobo was rescued from the streets he was in dangerously poor health. With plenty of TLC he got strong and sturdy and proved to be a very playful boy who loves to be talked to and keep you entertained with his antics! He loves when you toss any toy his way, you’ll be his buddy for life! He loves to bat and chase anything and race from here to there just for the joy of it and has been happily raised with other cats and with dogs. He is confident kitty that loves cuddles he is quite the snugglebug! He will even climb your leg to be picked up and will give you nose bonks as he purrs and purrs. It looks like he was painting on a black mustache just for fun and got distracted by a toy! He managed a little swipe at his snowy chin too! So now his perky face is one-of-a-kind, perfect for this bold little boy who overcame tough odds to be an adorable little guy and who’s sure to be an impressive big guy someday! Could this happy handsome Hobo find his way straight to the comfy and loved life at your house?