Rocky has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Big beautiful eyes, white mittens and white boots highlight Rocky's very handsome features.  Rocky is a shy cat who has great potential to be a loving member of a forever family.  He will need time to get to know his new people and feel safe and secure in his new environment.  Once he is feeling secure and trusts his people, he enjoys gentle and affectionate petting.  Rocky plays well with the other kittens in his foster home.  He likes chasing all kinds of balls and toys and likes interactive play with the feathers on a string wand toy.  He has not been exposed to children or dogs.  Rocky is looking for a forever family who is willing to invest the necessary time to help him feel safe and secure and to trust his new situation.  He will make a wonderful addition to your home if you are able to give him the time, patience, kindness and love that he needs.

Littermates:  Candi, Dusty