Dusty has been adopted!


This kitten has a beautiful and unique silver coat.  Dusty is a shy kitten.  However, he has done very well with his foster family from the very beginning.  He loves to be held and cuddled gently.  He has gone from being a curled up lump of fur in his foster mom's arms to being a relaxed and loving kitten who seeks out her affectionate attention. He has the sweetest purr.  He plays well with the other kittens in the home and enjoys all kinds of kitten toys as well as interactive play with the feathers on a stick wand toy.  He has not been exposed to children or dogs.  Dusty is a sweetheart who just needs a chance to get to know his new people and environment.  We feel that he will be well worth the extra effort.  Dusty will thrive in a quiet, loving, kind and patient home.

Littermates:  Candi, Mr. Sweets, Rocky