Dusty has been adopted!


Dusty is a good looking young cat with a gorgeous and unique silver coat of fur.  Dusty can be a bit shy at first.  However, once he gets to know his people and he feels safe in his environment, he will come out of his shell and is quite a lovebug.  He enjoys affectionate human attention and has a very sweet purr to express his contentment.  He loves to play with all kinds of cat toys and especially enjoys interactive toys such as wand toys with feathers and chasing the laser pointer dot.  He is good with other cats and kittens.  He has not been exposed to dogs or children.  Dusty really enjoys kitty treats - treats can be a good way to bond with this fella.  Dusty is a sweetheart who just needs a chance to get to know his new people and environment.  We feel that he will be well worth the extra effort.  Dusty will thrive in a quiet, loving, kind and patient home.

Littermates:  Candi, Rocky