Meet Tabatha!  She's a pawsitively purrfect kitten in everyway.  Playful, sweet, affectionate and energetic.  She enjoys all kinds of kitten games and adventures with the other kittens and the adult cats in her foster home.  She loves her foster humans and enjoys snuggling up next to them and will even sleep with them at night. She has a sweet purr and likes to give affectionate little kitten kisses to her humans. Tabatha is a talkative kitten who is always ready to share her opinion or bits of wisdom with her humans or the other felines.  She has a healthy appetite and especially enjoys her wet food meals.  Tabatha is great with other kittens and adult cats.  She has tried to be friends with the large dog in her foster home.  However, the dog likes to jump out at her and that scares her so she is not currently enjoying his company.  She would probably do well with a more well-behaved and less mischievous dog.  Tabatha is a wonderful kitten who is now ready to leave the foster nest and join a forever family of her own.  Check out Tabatha today!