Kitten 23583 (Acorn)

5 months old

Who can resist a cutie like spunky Acorn? This boisterous boy bounces and pounces his way through endless adventures, romps, and races with his roommates, and fully embraces his role as the funtime leader! He can get pretty rambunctious and has never been known to be late for meal, but he’s also a total snuggle buddy when it’s time to rest. Head scratches and cozy cuddles are always at the top of his list of happy favorites! Enthusiasm and affection are his in equal measure! He’s all-over soft as a bunny, with a gorgeous symmetrical face and stunningly big, soulful eyes. And that satiny little smile is a perfect pout, poised to capture your heart! What a happy, loving addition he is sure to be in a forever home that will adore him. Could irresistible Acorn be your great new treat?