Cinder has been adopted!

Domestic Short Hair

Like a shiny black diamond, sweet little Cinder is a purrfectly precious jewel! This darling was found tiny, alone and afraid, an especially alarming situation for a black kitty. But she quickly blossomed in nurturing foster care and turned out to be a super sweet lovebug. She’s an irresistible darling whose rumbly purr starts the second she’s scooped up for the hugs and cozy cuddles she adores. Sleeping in the big bed at night is also a favorite thing, and you may often find her happily lounging in the cat tree during the day. Lively playtimes with the other kittens and even with the large and small dogs bring out her fun-loving nature, especially when crinkly balls and even balls of paper are involved for batting and chasing! Her ballerina figure is elegantly attired in a silky suit of always polished and classic glossy black. What a well-rounded sweetheart she is, deeply affectionate, wonderfully playful, always companionable, and beautiful, a true triumph of survival. Could precious Cinder find her protected and cherished forever in your circle of love?