Cher has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

Precious and cuddly Cher is a social butterfly who sweetly asks to be picked up as soon as she sees you but will cheerfully entertain herself if no one has time to snoozle. Crinkle balls, soft cloth toys, and short lengths of ribbon are all favorites. If there’s someone to pull a toy on the end of a stick around, that’s great too. And no fly lasts long around this little hunter’s laser focus! Her darling sisters have been her constant playmates, but she is also curious about the older cats and struts right past the little dogs with her tail held high! She enjoys mealtimes but is easily distracted by a toy of a cuddle. Her beauty is classic meezer mix, with stunning Alpine lake blue eyes highlighting her darling little baby face. Could this affectionate and happy-spirited doll named Cher be the new delight in your loving life?

Littermates:  Beyonce, Dolly, Zendaya