Beyonce has been adopted!

Siamese Mix

This precious blue-eyed cuddler is Beyoncé. Her beautiful little face is a true reflection of her super sweet personality of gentle affection and fun. Her foster mom describes her as “such a kind, sweet little one who quietly waits for you to pick her up and melts into your arms purring loudly”. She loves to spend happy times with her sisters, chasing any toys that make a little noise or just curling up cozily in a quiet corner for a nice nap. Her manners are perfect, and she is curious about the older cats in the home but a bit cautious about the small dogs. She’s pretty as a picture, deeply affectionate, and gently playful and will be a joy with someone to cuddle, a few simple toys, a comfy place to sleep, and maybe a few small adventures. Darling Beyoncé would love to be your cherished treasure.

Littermates:  Cher, Dolly, Zendaya