Dolly has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lynx Pt

This petite darling is Dolly, the smallest of her beautiful litter, but with the spunkiest personality. With a gaze from her big clear blue eyes and her gently playful spirit, she wins everyone’s heart in record time! If there’s an adventure to lead or any comical kitten mischief to find, this little sprite will be right in the middle of it! She loves curling up with her sisters and even eating from their bowls, but they don’t mind her big confidence because she’s just so lovable! Being scooped up to be loved on and held is her most favorite thing, and since she was just a few weeks old she adorably nuzzles right into your neck purring sweetly. She also enjoys being carried around so she doesn’t miss anything that’s going on! She doesn’t mind the adult cats and is as curious about the small dogs as they are about her! Could this irresistibly loving and happy doll named Dolly be your darling girl?

Littermates:  Beyonce, Cher, Zendaya