Maine Coon Mix

It was a tough start for lovebug Buzz who was rescued at 8 weeks of age from a feral colony where his sweetness stood out. Dirty, sick, and in desperate need of intense nurturing, in excellent foster care he has thrived! He and his very handsome brother Woody are “both the sweetest” according to their foster mom and love all sorts of toys and little made up kitten games and get along well with other cats and with dogs. The only thing that is more popular is a snuggle in your lap for that sense of great safety and affection. Your reward: irresistible little velvety nose boops and quick kisses! Woody has the incredible coat of striking russet stripes and spots, and Buzz has a super silky, extra long coat of rich cream and warm apricot and the most gorgeous, loving, deep green eyes! This precious boy (and Woody too!) is ready and waiting for a wonderful family as sweet as he is. How about yours?!

Littermate:  Woody