Sugar Cookie is available for adoption in an offsite foster home

14 weeks old

This adorable little calico treat is precious Cookie, one of the five irresistible Cookie Cart Kittens. She’s an exact copy of her darling, super sweet momma who is the perfect named Sugar. This classic little confection-of-many-colors is a fuzzy wuzzy adventuress with a ready purr who loves zipping up and down her cat tree/scratching post and zooms in and out of her tunnels in many romps with her lively siblings. Whacking and chasing her soft catnip toys also keeps her happily bouncing and scampering. She has also gotten along with other kittens, bigger cats, and with older kids. Such an easy-going girl, so sweet, beautiful, and full of fun, is sure to be a treasured addition in a forever family that adores her. Could darling Cookie be the perfect treat for you?

Mother: Acord Mom (sugar)
Littermates:  Chocolate chip, Ginger snap, Lemon drop, Snickerdoodle

Please note:

  • Sugar Cookie is ok with small children
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