Lemon drop

Russian Blue Mix

Adorable Lemon Drop was the last of his litter to make his appearance, a full hour and a half after his four cutiepie Cookie Cart Kitten sibs! He was an itty bitty boy upon arrival who grew quickly into a super handsome silver blue sweetheart who is first in line for the kitty treats, loves to burrow under blankets, and purrs charmingly in the hopes there are pets and ear scratches coming soon! With four busy and curious siblings, he’s often in the middle of a comical adventure or lively romp, and has has also been happily fostered around other kittens, bigger cats, and older kids. His beautiful coat is silky and bunny-soft, with a silvery sheen that matches his sweet satin nose. He’s a truly gorgeous guy who’s lux as velvet from his ears to his toes to his tummy to his tail! Darling Lemon Drop hopes he’s the perfect sweet treat for you!