Pidge has been adopted!


If you’d love a stripey orange sweetheart cuddled happily on your chest or nestled against your neck, purring softly, precious Pidge is ready and waiting to make that happen! This purrasaurus sweetheart will even throw in quick little kitty kisses now and then! He’s one of five darling siblings who romp and race and wrestle happily, all of which he enjoys, and his most favorite toys are cloth mice and dangly things. He also does well with dogs. He’s a pure orange tabby boy, the most impressive and classic of cats! This dandy is especially handsome in his densely fuzzy wuzzy suit, with cinnamon striped long legs, a sugar-dusted smile, and a unique tabby forehead “M” like little wings! What an impressive big boy this doll is sure to be! What could be nicer than a total cuddlebug guy who’s sweetly loving, lots of fun, and easy-going?! Sounds like the purrfect man! Darling Pidge would love to be yours!

Mother: Coranne
Littermates:  Alura, Hunk, Keith, Lance