Keith has been adopted!

Russian Blue Mix

Keith is the boy of his batch who may need you to be a little extra patient until he knows you, but then he’s going to come running to jump right into your cozy lap! He’ll love the whole family but may be inclined to favor one person the most. It’s hard to say who will win his sweet ear lobe nibbles and kitty kisses. His little purr is quiet, but it’s there if you listen. He’s a classic boy in his smoky blue gray coat of silky softness, quite the handsome attire for this little gentleman! Four bouncy siblings have been his happy playmates, so romps and games and comical adventures provide plenty of hijinks. He’s full of kitten fun and gentle affection and is also dog friendly with trustworthy dogs. Could sweet Keith the treasured new addition in your loving forever home?

Mother: Coranne
Littermates:  Alura, Hunk, Lance, Pidge