Cat 23672 (Thumbelina)


A beautiful coat of many colors is not all that makes Thumbelina irresistibly adorable! She arrived to us in desperate need of medical attention.  We managed to save one of her eyes, however the other had to be removed.  Don't worry, she manages just fine with her eye-removal and She has an extra little secret too that makes stroking her velvety soft toes especially nice - she has extras! She’s a precious polydactyl! A happy, playful spirit makes kitten explorations and funny adventures entertaining for her and for her peeps! What a bright-eyed beauty she is with gorgeous one-of-a-kind torbie patches and brushstrokes of gold on her pretty face, a perfect reflection of her golden personality! Could darling Thumbelina be the extra-toed, super smart, sweetly companionable little jewel to add sparkle to your life?