Hugo has been adopted!

Siamese Mix
Lilac pt

Hello Hugo! Could you be more adorable? Nope - he’s simply as adorable as it gets! He’s a fuzzy wuzzy fluffball with the tenderest heart who will appreciate a sweet family with the knowledge and understanding to be patient with his tendency to be timid when he’s unsure. He’s a joy to watch romping and hippity hopping with his siblings and gets caught up in any happy playtime or kitten adventure. His gorgeous coat is as soft as a cloud with beautiful highlights on his silky ears, satin nose, and velvety feet, and deep  jewel-like blue eyes that will melt your heart. His foster mom says “He will be the best cat”, which is a pretty great endorsement from someone who would know! Could this adorable sweetheart named Hugo be the precious treasure your loving home has been hoping for?

Littermate:  Hershey