Dirk has been adopted!


This is DIRK.?  He is a typical rough and tumble boy kitty.?  He has an abundance of energy and runs around like a crazy cat playing all kinds of kitten games either with his siblings or all by himself.?  He is also a very vocal fella who has no problem voicing his opinions or desires with his very robust meow.?  His foster mom says he sounds like a HUGE ALLY CAT rather than a small kitten.?  When it is time to slow down and relax, Dirk enjoys the company of his humans and affectionate petting as he snuggles up next to them, all the while purring his contentment.?  He is good with other cats, kittens, well-behaved dogs and young children.?  Dirk is a fun and happy kitten who is ready to join a forever family.

Littermates:  Davis, Dawn, Delta One, Drew