Davis has been adopted!

Buff no stripes on back

This little cutie is called DAVIS.  He is a very energetic, fun-loving kitten.  He enjoys playing with his siblings and is fond of chasing them around the house at full speed and then tackling them for a good game of kitten tumbling!  One of his most favorite toys is the cat tunnel.  He zips and zooms through it and jumps in and out of the openings as if it is an obstacle course.  He is a friendly kitten who enjoys people.  He likes to follow his foster mom around the house to see if she might need his assistance as she goes about her day.  Davis enjoys affectionate human interaction but being held is usually on his terms.  Davis does well with other cats, kittens, young children and well-behaved dogs.  Davis is a fun and happy kitten who is now ready to join a forever family.

Littermates:  Dawn, Delta One, Dirk, Drew